New products & brands to help you bring the flavors of greenland to life.
New products & brands to help you bring the flavors of greenland to life.
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  • Lamb

    Greenlandic lamb is something quite special and considered by many experts to be among the best in the world. The taste and quality are closely linked to the animals’ life conditions.

    The large herds roam freely in the meadows and mountains of South Greenland where they feed on grass, willow twigs, herbs and other low-arctic plants – in other words they spice themselves up from birth! They drink from the clean and mineral-rich water of springs, rivers and lakes and are furthermore even spared the danger of pollution and airborne diseases due to the good space and Greenland’s isolation. Finally they need to move more than lambs in other places to get food in the hilly terrain, providing a healthy and meaty muscle.

    Many believe that Greenland is only ice and snow, but this is incorrect. The ice-free land covers an area larger than Norway and the mild climate of Southern Greenland provides ideal conditions for the area’s proud tradition of sheep farming.

    Luscious Southern Greenland
    High mountains, picturesque villages, vast meadows and lamb herds as far as the eye can see. That is the idyllic landscape that spread between the blue fjords of Southern Greenland. From the bottom of these fjords the ice cap is not far away, but yet there are vast, low-lying meadows, which are excellent for grazing and crop production. This is where the country’s sheep farmers are found.

    Characteristics of the Greenlandic Sheep
    The Greenlandic sheep breed is hardy and thrifty. It descends from the dams that, a couple of hundred years ago, were imported from Iceland and the Faroe Islands. Through careful breeding of the strongest animals Greenlanders have managed to adapt them to the Greenlandic conditions to such an extent that they have built up strong resistance. So it is not only the living conditions, but also the genetic background that underlies the special taste of Greenlandic lamb.

    From Narsaq to the rest of Greenland
    Once a year, in September-October, the lambs are slaughtered. From all over Southern Greenland the animals are sailed to Narsaq, where they are slaughtered at the slaughterhouse Neqi, and from where they are then distributed to the entire country.

    Farm Stays
    The plenty rivers of South Greenland have long made the area a paradise for anglers in search of trout and the beautiful scenery is simply perfect for hiking. Luckily many of the sheep farms such as Ipiutaq and Kangerluarsorujuk (link til ‘Experience’), also offer bed and breakfast accommodation. Their unique location makes them a perfect place for adventurers keen on experiencing South Greenland.

  • Roast Loin of Lamb

    1 lamb loin
    2 shallots
    1 red onion
    Handful pitted green olives
    ½ aubergine
    6 garlic cloves
    10 new potatoes
    2 tomatoes
    Splash olive oil
    Pinch thyme
    Salt to season
    Sundried tomato pesto

    Vegetables Method
    Add splash olive oil to very hot frying pan. Add the new potatoes whole and cook for around 10 minutes or until soft. Peel, quarter and slice the red onion keeping each quarter intact and add to the pan. Add the garlic cloves, skin on, whole along with the green olives, pinch thyme. Slice the roasted skinless red pepper and add also. Leave on heat until all ingredients are cooked.

    Lamb Method
    Trim the fat from the loin and take out the tendon. Cut in to 2 equal pieces. Season with salt and drizzle olive oil on top. Place in the hot pan fat side down first and cook for around 5 minutes on each side (this could be done in the oven for 10 minutes). Take out of the pan and place on the board to rest whilst you prepare to serve.

    To Serve
    Return the veg to the heat for a couple of minutes and then remove. Spoon the sundried tomato pesto around the plate. Plate the panfried vegetables on top. Then calve the lamb diagonally and place 3 tender pieces on top of the vegetables.