A taste of Greenland – Go to a “Kaffemik”

A ‘kaffemik’ is actually a Danish word for a Greenlandic social gathering around a cup of coffee. Although Greenlanders are particularly keen coffee-drinkers, it is not the coffee itself that is the centre of attention, but instead the chance to get together and exchange news and indulge in small-talk about everything under the sun.

At a Greenlandic kaffemik coffee is of course served, as well as tea and homemade cakes, and it is the perfect way to meet a Greenlandic family. 

There is always an excuse for a kaffemik, but in particular children’s birthdays, confirmations, weddings and other special occasions are celebrated. Other more culturally determined red letter days are also celebrated, such as when a child has caught his first seal or reindeer, and in these cases the kaffemik will be a particularly memorable occasion.

If you are invited to a kaffemik in Greenland, you can safely accept without hesitation. In many of the larger towns it is also possible to simply book a kaffemik via the local tourist office, which has contacts with local hosts who, in addition to providing coffee and cake, will be happy to talk about their daily lives and life in Greenland in general.



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