Scallop Canapes


20 croutes
20 scallops
1 lemon
1 small lettuce shredded
1tbsp mayonnaise
Salt and Pepper
2 small cherry tomatoes
250ml olive oil
2 cloves crushed garlic
Ground salt and pepper

Mixed together


Slice and cut some bread, drizzle with some olive oil and grind some salt and pepper
and chop a sprig of thyme and lightly rub on.
Bake in a tray until crisp
Remove and cool


Mix the shredded lettuce with the mayonnaise and season.
Place a spoonful on each Croute


Dip the scallops in the oil for a minute and place on the BBQ
Once cooked, remove from the bbq and squeeze over some lemon.
Place one scallop on each Croute
Slice a very thin slice of tomato and garnish

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