CafeTuaq – A Cultural Venue in Nuuk

Katuaq is a cultural venue for the whole of Greenland. It opened in February 1997 and is based in Nuuk. The building’s beautiful architecture was inspired by waving northern lights, icebergs and the play of light on ice and snow.


The café in Katuaq, CaféTuaq, is an oasis in this universe of culture. Here you’ll meet all kinds of people and the artists performing or exhibiting in Katuaq.

CaféTuaq serves a selection of hot and cold dishes, mainly based on Greenlandic ingredients, with a hint of flavors from around the world. All dishes are made as the orders roll in, this way they retain optimum flavor and freshness, which helps to enhance the culinary experience. If you are not hungry, you can also enjoy a selection of hot and cold drinks while you read the newspaper or just enjoy the art on the walls and the vibrant life passing by outside.

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