New products & brands to help you bring the flavors of greenland to life.
New products & brands to help you bring the flavors of greenland to life.
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  • Water – A Sip of History

    Greenland possesses water that is unique – water that has quite simply been frozen in time. Snowflakes that originally fell in lush, mountainous woodland two million years ago formed a massive ice cap - frozen and preserved in perfect purity for more than 100.000 years. Through the passage of time this water has remained sealed in its own natural capsule, isolated from human pollution. In Ilulissat and on Disko Island this unique water is today being bottled and exported for sale in high-class restaurants in Europe, North America and Dubai.

    Timeless, Natural and Untouched
    The ice cap is in constant movement and have, over thousands of years, crept slowly towards the sea, creating giant icebergs that float slowly into the open sea. This massive expanse covers nearly 85% of the country and holds 10% per cent of the world’s fresh water reserves.

    TDS > 5-ppm
    What really distinguishes Greenland’s water is its pure classification. A pure classification (a TDS, Total Dissolved Solids, level of less than 10 ppm) is only achieved naturally by melted ice or snow that has never touched the earth. Measuring a mere 5-ppm the Greenlandic ice cap water surpasses even this rare level of purity.

    Bottled Water from Greenland’s pristine Nature
    Common for Qanik Pure Iceberg Water and Iluliaq is the crystal-clear Greenlandic glacier water. These products are marketed globally and Qanik Pure Iceberg Water has had great success in Asia, while Iluliaq, aiming for a luxury product – iceberg water on glass bottles in a small production all made by hand - has had great success in Dubai.

    The water for both Qanik Pure Iceberg Water and Iluliaq originates from the Ilulissat ice fjord, where the ice is handpicked from the water and then allowed to melt naturally before being bottled.

    938 Spring Water, however, originates from the spring Qeqertarsuaq on Disko Island. Nourished by layers of volcanic stone this clean water is very smooth and delicate with an average pH of 9.38.

    To avoid unnecessary carbon emissions, the companies all take advantage of free capacity on ships returning to the mainland, in complete accordance with Greenland’s sustainability policy.

    Greenlandic Alcohol
    The ice cap water is furthermore used to distil first class alcohol and beer, and housewives all over the country have their own special recipe for immiak, or schnapps, made from Greenland’s water and herbs.