New products & brands to help you bring the flavors of greenland to life.
New products & brands to help you bring the flavors of greenland to life.
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  • Musk Ox

    Greenland's remote location has hampered the migration of wild land mammals, however musk oxen thrive in the harsh conditions.

    The wild musk oxen of Greenland live in the frozen tundra and are the largest land mammal in the country - weighing up to 400 kilos (880 lbs)! The Greenlandic word for musk oxen is Umimmak, which directly translated means “the-long-bearded-one” referring to the animal’s distinctive fur. From this fur some of the world’s finest wool is spun, but also musk ox meat is much coveted.

    Gourmet Meat
    Muskox meat is a gourmet delicacy that offers a natural alternative to beef and great chefs around the world can confirm this lean and versatile meat has unlimited potential. It is an excellent source of protein, iron and vitamin B. It is much leaner than pork or beef (1-2% versus 12-20%) and subsequently has fewer calories. Moreover musk ox meat has 5% more moisture than beef, making it very tender and flavorful.

    The meat has an appearance similar to prime beef, and a smooth texture similar to beef or buffalo. The taste of muskox surpasses that of domestic livestock and when prepared correctly (it should not exceed a cooking temperature of medium rare), it melts in your mouth bursting with flavor.

    The Hunting Culture
    For centuries the people of Greenland lived off the food that was around them. In respect of the animals and in harmony with nature. This hunting culture is still alive and kicking although is does not play the same economic role as earlier. Not least the hunting season in the fall is a peak for many. For the sake of regulation and protection of stocks hunting is however only allowed if you live in Greenland or participate in an organized hunting trip. In either case hunting license is required.

    Population growth
    In Greenland the musk oxen are native in North- and Northeast Greenland. When today we can experience musk oxen in several places in West Greenland it is due to releases. The releases began in Kangerlussuaq, in 1962 and 1965, when a total of 27 musk oxen from Northeast Greenland were released. Living conditions proved to be extremely good – much better than in the original home region – and today the 27 animals have gown to a population of 10.000, in the Kangerlussuaq area alone. The national population is estimated to 19.000-27.0000 individuals.

  • Musk Ox with Red Cabbage

    4 x 250g musk ox loin
    Olive oil
    800g boiled new potatoes
    8 whole garlic clove
    150 – 250g olives
    A few sprigs of thyme
    250g peeled & sliced flat mushrooms

    For the Braised Red Cabbage:
    1 Red Cabbage
    2 Bay Leaves
    ½ Cinnamon Stick
    ½ cup Brown Sugar
    ½ cup Redcurrant Jelly
    1 cup Orange Juice
    1 cup Red Wine
    ½ cup Orange Marmalade
    Pinch ground Mixed Spice
    3 Star Anise
    Salt and Pepper

    Shred the cabbage and put into a large pan. Add all other ingredients and cover with tin foil. Cook in the oven for 2-3 hours, gas mark 4 or equivalent.

    For the parsnip crisps:
    1 parsnip peeled topped & bottomed. Slice thinly on a mandolin and deep fry until golden brown. Dry on a paper towel then serve.

    In a hot pan pour some olive oil, add the chopped new potatoes, garlic and olives, toss occasionally and add the thyme and pinch of sea salt and black pepper. Toss and serve.

    Rub some olive oil on the steaks and season and on a hot griddle pan cook to your preferred taste. When you turn your steak add the sliced mushrooms and cook.