New products & brands to help you bring the flavors of greenland to life.
New products & brands to help you bring the flavors of greenland to life.
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  • Alcohol

    The water of Greenland comes directly from the ice cap, where it has been frozen and preserved in perfect purity for more than 100.000 years. This water is not only bottled and exported for sale in high-class restaurants in Europe, North America and Dubai but is also used to distil first class alcohol and beer. In addition housewives all over the country have their own special immiak, or schnapps, made from Greenland’s water and herbs. Speaking of alcohol, you should treat yourself a glass of Greenlandic coffee while in Greenland. This alcoholic drink is a feast for both your palate and your eyes when it’s prepared over an open flame and beautifully completed with burning “northern lights”.

    Spirit of Greenland – Greenland’s anima in a glass
    Spirit of Greenland stand behind a range of beverages in the form of premium spirits, water from fragments of ice and beer. The products are marketed globally and especially Isfjord Premium Arctic Vodka and Gin have had great success. Isfjord vodka and gin are first-class spirits based on the many thousand-year-old ice. The design of the bottles has furthermore been awarded a Red Dot design award in 2011 and the gin has widely been recognized as one of the world’s best gin. The beer, Grønland Ice Cap Beer, is sold throughout Scandinavia.

    Godthåb Bryghus – Greenlandic beer after German traditions
    Godthåb Bryghus is Greenland’s biggest brewery with more than 10 beer flavours and a great location in the heart of Nuuk. The brewery base most of the production on the German “Reinheitsgebot” from 1516. This “beer dogma” states that only the natural ingredients hops, malt, yeast and water may be used for brewing beer. The beer is brewed with pure Greenlandic water, which by nature is completely free of lime and therefore very suitable for brewing. The water makes the beer more soft and aromatic.

    Sïku – true “vodka on ice”
    Sïku means ice in Greenlandic. The name refers to the more than 60.000 year-old, perfectly clean ice from the Qaleraliit Sermia glacier, from which Sïku is made. Sïku is the only vodka in the world where the glacier ice is converted into vodka in a direct process – without the ice being melted to water first. The result is premium vodka with a very smooth and clean finish – so smooth that it can with pleasure be enjoyed neat.

    Velvet Arctic and Nanoq Beer – spirits and beer from Greenland’s pristine nature
    Common to both Velvet Arctic spirits and Nanoq Beer Greenland is that all the products are based on the crystal-clear Greenlandic spring and glacier water. Velvet Arctic holds the spirit variants vodka, gin, whiskey and brandies, while the brewery Nanoq Beer offers the beer types Sedna bown ale, Polaris Christmas beer and Nanook pale ale.

  • Greenlandic coffee

    2cl Whisky
    2cl Kahlua
    2cl Grand Marnier
    10 cl Black coffee
    Whipped cream

    Pour whisky and Kahlua into a tall glass, and heat the alcohol over a flame.
    Add the coffee and top up with whipped cream.
    Pour the Grand Marnier into a spoon, light it over the flame and pour into the glass.

    Greenlandic coffee with Northern Lights.