Hunting in Destination Arctic Circle

InDestination Arctic Circle you can go both small game and trophy hunting.

Several local outfitters in Destination Arctic Circle have specialised in taking hunters trophy hunting. They assist and take care of everything. The trophy goes to the hunter, the meat goes to the outfitter, and this division of labour has proven to suit both parties well. Be aware of temperatures and weather conditions. They have a great impact on wildlife behaviour. Both musk ox and reindeer move toward the ice, if it gets too hot.

On small-game hunting trips you can take down foxes, hares and birds, and also Canada geese in Kangerlussuaq, which are found on one of the many lakes near the ice cap. Hunting for small game is not as physically challenging as trophy hunting for reindeer and musk ox, but it is an advantage to be in good shape. In Destination Arctic Circle there is also excellent fishing, which can easily be combined with hunting small game.

Hunting in Greenland must take place in an organised form.

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