Sarfalik – Arctic Innovative Gastronomy

Sarfalik, located at Hotel Hans Egede, is an innovative restaurant experience with the best of Greenlandic and global cuisine.

The food served here is definitely gourmet and very pleasing to the eye, as is the stunning view from the restaurant of the surrounding mountains and the Fjord.

Sarfalik is the Greenlandic word for a current location and in Greenland there are more than a few of them. The tidal range in Greenland is of about 4-5 meters and the whole coastline is filled with countless fjords and archipelagos, which together create a perfect environment for the formation of current locations.

If you look at a map of any part of the country, you will see numerous places that carries some form of the name Sarfalik, and often you will see that around them are old settlements or other signs of human activity, this is because fishing possibilities were particularly good here due to the currents.

A current location is, in other words, a large pantry where the catch and type of prey vary depending on the season. That is why the people of Sarfalik chose this name for their restaurant – a superb eatery that reflects the seasonal catch.

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