From Doorstep to Gourmet – Restaurant Nasaasaaq

Be sure to grab a meal at Restaurant Nasaasaaq next time your are in Sisimiut, located in front of Hotel Sisimiut, the bright restaurant is a great place to grab a filling meal.

In Restaurant Nasaasaaq they use the ingredients on their doorstep. The kitchen is run by Palle Koch.  Palle has been in Sisimiut for over 15 years, and has long lasting relationships with all the hunters and suppliers- and so you’ll often find local catch and game on the menu. This includes meat from reindeer, musk oxen and ptarmigan and fish like salmon, cod, rosefish and wolfish. Not to mention lumpfish roe and plenty of snow crabs, besides blueberries, crowberries, angelica, mushrooms and wild Greenlandic thyme.

At Restaurant Nasaasaaq they cut-up, carve and filet everything themselves. It is hard work but ensures fresh produce and fine quality.

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