H8 – the fusion of Greenlandic Ingredients and German Cookery

Restaurant H8 at Rodebay is a lovely fusion of Greenlandic ingredients and German cookery.

Uta and Ingo Wolf had for 20 years operated a restaurant in their hometown, Thüringen in Germany, when a holiday to Greenland changed their lives.

“We first came to Greenland as tourists with a tent and backpacks. We were here with our two sons for three weeks, and we all fell in love with the beautiful Greenland. Two years later we returned and heard that Rodebay lacked a restaurant. We both wanted to try something new and took the chance.” says Uta.

At H8 they serve poached, fried and smoked fish, dark whale meat, musk ox, reindeer, mussels, shrimp and other Greenlandic goodies. The halibut is a local speciality that the locals eat dried but which Uta likes to serve in a gratin version. The whale meat comes from fin whales, and otherwise catfish is one of the house favorites. On the side you’ll get homemade bread and for dessert there’s coffee and cake.

Rodebay is most easily reached by boat from Ilulissat. The trip takes about an hour, sailing in and out of giant icebergs. The old warehouse that houses the restaurant is easy to spot from the water. On the roof H8 is painted in large letters and the house is right by the water.



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