A Kangaamiut Meal – Delicious Meals where You Least Expect Them

Sometimes, the most delicious meals are found where you least expect them.  Like, in a living room in the small settlement of Kangaamiut in Destination Arctic Circle.  Here, life is shaped by the sea, land, and sky. There are no cars and only 350 people.

The village itself sits at the mouth of the rugged Eternity Fiord where, throughout the history of the settlement, fishermen from Kangaamiut have been providing food for the villagers.

If you are lucky enough to visit Kangaamiut, a meal prepared by the wonderful hosts of Kangaamiut Tourism, Jensine, Per and Barnabas will delight and surprise your pallet with their delicious dishes of seafood, reindeer, muskoxen, eider ducks, and much more.  It is not to be missed.


This video captures life in Kangaamiut.

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